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Useful Japanese translation - Displays furigana accurately and quickly

JTRANS is a powerful tool for Japanese language learners or Travelers to Japan or communicates with Japanese people,...
JTRANS will help you translate a document in Japanese or understand a foreign language Web page and easily Japanese menu translation

You can easily translate Japanese online free into 89 other languages for example

Japanese translate to English
Japanese Tagalog translation
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JTRANS - Translation tool exclusively for Japanese learners

Translate Japanese romaji
Japan Kanji translation
Translate Japanese hiragana
All Japanese translations have furigana to help you read the translated text easily.

JTRANS- Super Japanese translation app you've ever seen

- Japanese translator camera: Translate Japanese by taking pictures, translate Japanese text on image
- Translate object instantly: Just by taking pictures of objects, you will know their Japanese meaning
- Translate conversations between two people while talking, Japanese translator with voice
- Japanese sentence translation with Japanese translator scanner, quickly translate sentences into Japanese
- Translate Japanese on screen
- Fast Japanese translator with JTRANS bubble

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - The market leader for Machine Translation technologies.

A powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine which lets you translate Japanese characters in images
Jtranslate can recognize more than 3500 Japanese characters
Recognize Japanese text with your Live Camera or on Still Pictures (from your gallery)
Read either horizontal or vertical Japanese text

Communicate Japanese smoothly and use a free online Japanese translator - Download now!

JTRANS always wants to send you the best Japanese translator tool. However, errors are inevitable, Jtranslate is looking forward to your feedback to improve the application better. Please send your feedback to email: sandk@eupgroup.net

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