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This app is an instrumental transcommunication tool(ITC), powerful and easy to use. It is a ghost box / spirit box type app. It have an engine that scans reversed audio banks, adjustable with trigger slider. Echo button grant access to microphone for the echo function (since you press echo camera button may not work in some models until you restart the app, because permissions to access microphone simultaneously are disabled in some models and android versions).
We recommend to use this app in Airplane mode.
No one can guarantee spiritual communication, our work is based on our own theories and experiences
With our apps you could open doors to other dimension. Talk with spirits is a serious thing and is not free of danger. Take in mind it can affect you in many ways and it could change your life. Spain Paranormal is not responsible of any effect (good or bad) for using it if you have success and contact "them". Dont use our apps like a toy, because this tools are made for serious investigators that know well the risks of paranormal.
Best regards.
Spain Paranormal Developments.
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