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About this app:

Inventory has never been so easy!

Application website: icmInventory.com

Supported mobile terminals:
Zebra TC20 TC25 TC55 TC56

The icmInventory application is intended for people who want to make a physical inventory (inventory). It allows conducting two independent types of inventory:

Base inventory>
We write everything that is in the place of the census and determine the possessed status based on the results. Such a solution is used, for example, when determining the condition of warehouses before the ERP or WMS system is implemented, before moving on, after a random event in order to present data for the insurer.

Comparative inventory
We have data on the expected state of the items, we make a list of everything that is in the place of the census and on the basis of the results we define gaps, shortages, surplus. Such a solution is used as, for example, periodic inspection of the state of warehouses, inventory of equipment and fixed assets.

Input and result data
The input data for the comparative inventory should be prepared in tabular form (eg MS Excel) and saved in a CSV file. After completing the inventory, the application allows you to generate a result file in CSV format.

Main advantages
Shortening inventory time by up to 50%
Zero mistakes thanks to scanning bar codes
Results file in universal CSV UTF-8 format
A simple application does not require staff training
The possibility of performing a zero and comparator inventory
No need to block the warehouse system
Support for any number of locations
Possibility to recognize positions after 2 independent codes
Ability to collect 2 position codes (code, batch, series, SN, PN, etc.)
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