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The greatest liars who exist are those people who claim that they never lie. A recent survey conducted showed that an average human being in a week speaks about eleven lies on the lower side. So it is possible that there are those who speak up to about fifty untrue things in a single day. The Journal of Basic and Applied Social Psychology recently published an analysis that showed more than sixty percent of individuals lie at least once in a span of ten minutes while some told at least three lies during brief conversations.

Why do people lie?

Majority of people lie for various reasons that they deem very legitimate such as in order to keep unpleasant moments at bay, to conceal issues that might embarrass us or put us to shame, to avoid being criticized and for some as a precautionary measure. Some of these lying habits are picked up during childhood when the grown-ups say something they do not really mean in order to spare an individuals feelings. Children then grow up knowing that such small lies are harmless and the habit sticks. If you do not like the gift someone has given you politely small and tell them it is very nice while in a real sense you actually hate it. The lying eventually becomes easy with time and to some, it becomes a second nature.

How accurately can lies be detected?

Recent surveys show that lies can be accurately detected up to about 53% which not that easy nor is it bad. With such a huge population of lying naturals, it is hard to even for them to realize when someone is lying to them. In as much as we know how to tell if someone is lying to us majority of the time, we dismiss it as sentiments. There is a conscious aspect of our brain that can intuit when something is untrue.

How to become a human lie detector

In as much as people withholding their personal opinions about us may not be harmful there are certain critical situations where detecting if someone is lying to you might pay off for instance if you suspect your partner is cheating on you or they are putting themselves in danger. The key on how to tell if someone is lying is paying keen attention to their actions rather than listening to their words. Lies are easier detected in actions rather than in words because the individual lying is focusing all their attention on convincing you what they want you to believe by word of mouth.

There are certain steps that an individual can follow as strategies on how to tell if someone is lying such as studying the eyes which are said to be the portal that leads to the soul, creating a behaviour baseline for those individuals close to you, analysing whether the smile is genuine or faked, look for micro-expressions that vary with what is being said and presence of evidence showing that the individual is stressed.

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