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Flirting is a silent language spoken by men and women around the world. The ways people communicate interest are rooted so deeply in human nature that the signals are understood by all. It has a parallel to our animal counterparts. The behavioural displays animals engage in to signal not only their availability for mating but, their suitability as a mate. The gestures and movements used in flirting also provide clues to biological and psychological health. Learning how to flirt with a girl is an art some are natural at and others need a little help with. If your wondering how to ask a girl out or send her flirty texts theses is all also included here.

Included in this app:

- Science Of Flirting With A Girl
- What The Experts Say
- Flirting Tips For Shy Guys
- How To Flirt With A Girl Online
- 50 Flirty Text Examples
- Playful Banter
- How To Keep Your Crush Interested
- How To Flirt With A Girl By Text
- What & How To Speak To Your Crush

--And More

When it comes to flirting, guys need all the help they can get. Its not easy to know how to flirt with a girl, but after years of experience and successes, it is possible to nail down the several best, sure-fire, guaranteed ways to flirt with the ladies. If youre a guy looking for love, or just a way to speak to girls , this guide is here to help.

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- Regular Updates
- In-Depth Guide & Explanations
- Easy To Read
- Text Examples
- Over 10 Popular Topics On Flirting With Women
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