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Game Description

Play 11 kinds of casino slot free games with sexy girl!

Complete your 365+ girl images with casino slot games!

You earn chips from casino and slot games and also can steal others' by screen tap tap!

Win a page of calendar for every clearance!
Collect all 365+ girls images!

You'll meet various girls!
Who will be your favorite?

Glamorous effects and speedy play!

Reward falls when your Achievement Mission Success and watch videos!

11 kinds of Casino slot games are ready.
Choose games you want and enjoy them as much as you like.

Types of Casino games

1. Video Slots
- Spin the Slots!

2. Pachi Slot
- Japanese style slot

3. Video Poker
- Press the Deal or Hold! and Enjoy the game.

4. Black Jack
- Making the sum of the cards over than 21 or higher than a dealer

5. Baccarat
- Bet your chips between a player and a banker

6. Three Card Poker
- Combination number of 3 cards! The highest number wins!

7. Texas Holdem
- Compete for your cards with players

8. Caribbean Poker
- Combination number of 5 cards! The highest number wins!

9. Craps
- Betting your chips on the area and obtain chips according to each odds

10. Roulette
- Guess where does the wheel stop!

11. Sic bo
- Three dices will decision your victory.

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