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About this app:

Sync your expenses and incomes between Android devices.

Home Budget Book has 9 Main Modules:

1. ACCOUNTS - You can add/edit/delete account with multiple currency.
2. ENTRIES (INCOMES / EXPENSE) - You can add/edit/delete One time or Recurrent Entries(i.e Incomes or Expenses) with or without enddate.
3. PAYEES/ PAYERS - You can add/edit/delete .
4. BILLS - You can add/edit/delete One time or Recurrent Bill with or without end date, also allows to set Bill Notifications.
5. BUDGET - You can add/edit/delete budget.
6. STATISTICS - Helps to trace your cash-flow.
7. SUMMARY - Gives quick summary of Incomes and Expenses.
8. SEARCH - You can search Income, Expense, Transfers and Bills by SubCategory or Tags.
9. SETTINGS - Home Currency, Password Protection, Sync and Dropbox, Display ,Database, Export & Import .csv.

Q: How to Restore data from Lite version.
A: After purchasing Full Version ,Open and Close the full version app then you can unlock the create backup option in free version, which means now you can go to free version settings and create backup And then come back to full version settings and click on restore backup.

*) You can add accounts of multiple currency.
*) You can include/exclude the future dates incomes/expenses in account total.
*) You can set Default Payment status and Payment method.
*) You can exclude unwanted accounts expenses from budget.

*) You can add entries of one time or repeat entries.
*) You can set repeat entries with or without end date.
*) You can add repeat entries on due date or all at once.
*) You can set tags, which help in searching the entries.

*) You can add, edit, delete payees/payers.
*) Selecting payees/payers while adding income or expense is optional.
*) You can see amount paid to payees/payers in monthwise in Payee details.

*) There are 3 types of bills.
*) Income bill: Which is added as income when mark paid.
*) Expense bill: Which is added as expense when mark paid.
*) Transfer bill ( Expense type): Which is added as transfer when mark paid.

*) Set budget for multiple currencies.
*) You can set budget based on cycle and start date.
*) You can also set initial roll over with your budget amount.
*) You can enable/disable roll over.
*) You can check budget history to get overview of your budget and expenses you made during those period.

*) We have 2 types of reports i) Month wise and ii) Between dates
*) You can see month wise reports from income and expense
*) You can see monthly reports and reports between dates.

*) You can search Income, Expense, and Bills by Subcategory.
*) You can search Income and Expenses by Tags.

*) Home currency.
*) Lock application.
*) Display settings.
*) Database (Restore / Backup).
*) Dropbox upload and download.
*) Sync between Android devices.
*) Export & Import .csv.
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