Holo Droid 2.1 4.0.3 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

Holo Droid is one of the most amazing live wallpapers on Google Play. It shows you several informations about your mobile device and gives the phone's screen a futuristic look!
You can choose your best configuration looking at the several parameters in the Settings screen.

Holo Droid shows the informations below:

- Date/Time
- Platform information
- Device basic information
- Battery remain/temp/voltage
- Tilt
- Compass
- CPU Usage
- CPU spec
- RAM Usage
- Network connection state
- Internal Memory Usage
- External Memory Usage(SD-Card)

You can customize the following settings:

- Color Theme
- Scanline effect
- Background grid
- Time/date
- Animation
- Orientetion
- Battery temperature
- CPU refresh

On some devices the first loading could be a little bit slow, just give it half a minute to load the scene.

Updates cronology

- Added Material Design style to the settings screen
- Added link to Gyro Clock live wallpaper

- Added Japanese language support
- Some little changes in the UI.

- Added two new colors

- Fixed media volume issue on some devices

- Fixed wrong RAM value on some devices

- Added static screen mode
- Fixed the touch sensibility on manual panning mode

- Fixed bug

Screen Shorts

com.sandroid.livewallpaper.holoinfo Video