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About this app:

Heart Container Battery Widget is like having an 8-bit or 16-bit health bar for your phone with many styles to choose from!
Fans of old school gaming will recognize this app as a life meter similar to many of your favorite games.

This health bar, however, is used to indicate remaining battery life. As the phone's battery takes damage(discharges), the hearts are depleted piece by piece just like a video game.

While charging your phone, the life meter will animate as it refills!<br>
This battery widget is light on resources and uses no battery. The app only updates when the system updates the battery percentage.

Heart Container is a widget. Meaning it will not show up like a normal app.

To add Heart Container to your phone's home screen(these directions will vary depending on device):

1. Find an empty spot on your home screen.
2. Press and hold your finger on an empty spot until a menu appears.
3. Select "Add Widget" or "Widget".
4. Scroll down until you see Heart Container on the list and select it.
5. Enjoy Heart Container!

Email me if you have problems. Please don't leave problems as a comment. I will help you! Leaving bad feedback before asking for help is just bad etiquette.

A big THANK YOU for downloading this app and all the support. I am humbled by all the positive reviews.

Explanation of the Wi-Fi permissions:
Some apps require a ton of permissions and some of those permissions sound pretty scary. As an Android user myself, I want to know why an app I am using needs each app permission before installing so I am going to explain Heart Container's permissions for everyone's benefit. Heart Container Battery Meter only has permission to see if the Wi-Fi is on/off and to enable/disable Wi-Fi, but only if the user physically does so. Heart Container does not have access to any network. Google has labeled Android's app permissions in such a way that the permissions look like they allow more access than they really do(for some of them). This app's permissions are "Network Communication: Access Wi-Fi State" and "Network Communication: Change Wi-Fi State". Not to be confused with other permissions such as "Network Communication: Full Internet Access". Heart Container does not have nor does it require this permission.

And again, thanks for all the support and positive feedback. Keep the great reviews coming. I read all the comments and reply to each and every email I receive from my customers.
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