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About this app:

GumGun is a super frantic and insanely rewarding 2D shoot em up game. It has super easy controls and can be played with one hand. GumGun, which is the hero in the game, shoots when you move.

You collect gum from bonus boxes that increases your firepower. As you shoot, the firepower gets weaker until you find more gum, so there is a really nice dynamic between weak and powerful shots.

You will also pick up bubble gum bombs that inflates and fires automatically. Combos you get from hitting enemies with bombs, builds up the score "multiplier". The multiplier is a value that is multiplied with your points.

The movement pattern of the enemies are unique every time you play, so new games will never be the same. GumGun is also made to be easy to pick up for everyone. Easy controls and a soft start should make it welcoming for all ages and skill level.

(Since Google Play don't have keywords I have to type this here: Gum Gun)
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4.1 and upOctober 4, 2019100+Stian Remvik
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