Grow Idle Archer 3.1.8 4.4 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

(Note) If you delete the game when updating, the game data may also be deleted

Grow your archer and reach the highest stage!

Various arrows with unique characteristics!
Infinite growth system through Level up, Enchant, and Legendary!

Improvement, a probabilistic growth system
Evolution permanently increases damage with shape changes

Hero Growth System
Various hero growth systems
including Archery, Talent, Relics, and Buff

Use the spells to join the battle in real time!
It's a good idea to use spells to reach the faster and higher stages

Free the slaves and transfer them to the town!
You can gain more taxes and souls

Town Defense
Defend the monsters coming into town!
Successful defense of monsters increases your influence on the town,
allowing you to gain more taxes and souls

You can enjoy various game modes through dungeon

Complete quests and gain gems

If certain conditions are met, reincarnation is possible!
When you reincarnate, you can gain the collected souls,
but Gold, Bow Improvement, Arrow levels, Archery, and Stage progress are reset.

Screen Shorts

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