GPS Compass Speedometer Pro 1.52

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About this app:

GPS Compass Speedometer Pro knows your heading, location, track distance, ETA etc. and can navigate you to saved waypoints easily. The power of this app is that you get almost all the functionality and information in one screen. This makes it easy to use while driving for example. Save a waypoint just by using one tap and rename it later in your convenience.

GPS Compass Speedometer Pro provides:
- Supersonic speedometer
- Compass heading. Magnetic or GPS mode.
- Arrow showing bearing to destination.
- Current, average and maximum speed.
- Track distance which is the travelled distance since last reset.
- Elapsed time since last reset.
- ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) and remaining time to reach destination.
- Distance i.e. remaining distance to destination.
- Current position in Latitude-Longitude decimal format.
- Current Date and Time as well as Sunrise and Sunset times.
- Address at current location.
- Option to switch between Metric and Imperial units.
- Ability to save waypoints, navigate to waypoints and view them on Google maps.
- Ability to navigate to a point selected on a map.

Short manual
'+' Button
Press: Add Waypoint to list
Long press: Mark current location as home

Arrow Button
Press: Open Waypoints to select destination etc.
Long press: Navigate to home

Middle Button
Press: Swap between magnetic and GPS heading
Long press: Listen to 'Thank you'

'R' Button
Press: Reset Max Speed
Long press: Reset Track and Time

Wheel Button
Press: Swap between Metric/Imperial units
Long press: Turn 'Moving Away' announcement ON/OFF

Remember to long press on a waypoint in the list to rename, delete, set as home or view on Google maps.

If your clipboard supports the 'Share' function as in newer phones you can navigate to any location by sharing Lat, Long as text:
-Select the Lat,Long text
-Tap 'Share' and choose the GPS Compass Speed Pro icon

NOTE: Import and export is through waypoints.txt in the following folder,
Internal Storage/Android/data/com.existon.gpscompasspro/files/GPSSpeedCompass
If you uninstall the app this file will be deleted so please backup beforehand.
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