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About this app:

Game Timer Pro is born to solve the problem of the time management in games.
You can use time per move or per game, with pre-defined values or User Define Time, with Bronstein or Fisher Bonus or simply adding "extra time" for your convenience.
Every option is saved in a configuration file, so you can personalize your GTP with your preferred choice.
Great options also for sounds! With human voice in countdown (male/female)


Big News for the Game Timer Pro users!
Added a new strategical feature: the "Save Time %"
It applies to the games with multi-player and "time per move" mode.
Now you can define the percentage of the unused time, for ALL moves, that will be saved for a later use.

Warning folks: at the next Upgrade of Game Timer Pro (rel. the price will grown.

Example: you have 30 seconds per move. You think for 10 seconds and then, you touch the screen.
The percentage (e.g. 10%) of Save Time you defined in the first screen is recorded (2 seconds, in this case) and added to the other saved time at every move.

If you run Out Of Time, the App recalculate your timer with the amount of time saved in the previous moves.
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