Freddy Fox Lost His Conkers 4.0 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

Adapted from the book - Freddy Fox Has Lost His Conkers, this interactive story book includes hundreds of touchable elements for little ones to play with.

- Narrated by the little girl the original book was written for.
- Click the words of the story to hear them spoken aloud, fostering an early joy of reading.
- Help Freddy and his friends find the conkers he has lost in the Wiggly Wood.
- Rearrange the animals and scene elements - there's always something to touch and play with on every page.
- When you've finished the story, you can test your skills in the Collect the Conkers game.

This app is aimed at under 5s, but has received a 9-12 rating in some regions because Freddy and his friends fart (and some poo) occasionally!

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