Flip Flash Cards 4.1 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

Flip Flash Cards is a full featured flash card creation development platform, to help you create, play and share packs of Flash Cards on Android devices.

Accelerates learning and helps overcome learning difficulties. The app strengthens and stimulates memory recall through repetition.


- Create, share and play amazing and creative Flash Cards.

- 18 Different templates to choose from.

- Change colour palettes, font style, text size, text colour, symbols...

- Add audio, movies - even video streams.

- Simple steps to create unique cards.

- Excellent tutorials to help create cards.


- Flip, swipe or touch your way though the cards.

- Manual, auto-play and auto-play options for playback.

- Sequential or random playback.

- Quick and easy access to cards, access anytime and any place at your pace.

- Text to speech in multiple languages.

- Play cards in numeric or random order.

- Flip or touch screen function Auto play singular or repeat play.

- Show the question only option (if required)


- Create and share packs of cards (via Dropbox) - share with IOS and more.

- Share via a share code, email or Twitter

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