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About this app:

This free education app will help you to remember national flags and you'll learn beautiful and sometimes unusual flags of such exotic countries as Nepal or Dominica. You will be able to find any country on the map and you will know its capital. Do you remember the capital of Nigeria? Do you remember the order of colors on the Luxembourg flag?

The flags are divided into six levels:

1) Well-known flags (Level 1) - USA, Germany, Japan, and so on.

2) Flags that are harder to identify (Level 2) - Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Laos, and other world countries.

3) The most difficult level (Level 3) - Barbados, Botswana, Togo, etc.

4) Level four includes all flags.

5) Maps: remember the name and flag of the country depicted on the map

6) Capitals: match the flags and capitals of all countries of the world. For example, if the flag of France is shown, the correct answer is Paris.

Each level includes two learning options:

* Flashcards - browse all flags, maps and capitals in the app without guessing; you can check what flags you dont know well and want to repeat in the future.

* List of all countries, capitals, maps and flags.

Each level includes 5 tests:

* Multiple-choice questions - identify flag shown on the screen.

* Guess the flag of the country shown in the picture.

* Time game - give more than 30 correct answers to get a star. You have only one minute.

* Six select a country flag from the six suggested.

* Yes/No game guess is the country correctly signed in the photo.

The app is translated into 9 languages, including English, German, Spanish and many others. So you can learn the names of the countries and capital cities in any foreign language.

This is an excellent and fun game for all students of world geography. If you are a sports fan, you can learn the flag of your national team. Check yourself!
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