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About this app:

Faceter app for Android has the ability to organize video surveillance using a smartphone. In this case, you do not need to buy expensive equipment and install special software. With the help of our solution, you can watch the broadcast or access the saved videos in the cloud storage. Recordings are available through the web interface or the same app on another smartphone. Faceter is cloud video surveillance, accessible to everyone and with no additional costs.

Why is it necessary?
>Faceter turns a regular smartphone with video recording into a video surveillance system. The phone can be used to solve the following tasks:

1.Control over children. With the help of the app, your phone turns into a baby monitor and helps look after the kids. The system transmits video and sound.

2.Caring for the sick. Faceter cctv mobile app allows you to monitor adults who need support.

3.Home security. If you do not trust the babysitter or the construction team, you can turn your smartphone into a security camera to receive information about everything that happens in the room.

4.Pet Watching. Faceter can be used as a pet monitor.

This is only part of the features that speak of the benefits of the application. Additional advantages are the ease of use and the ability to watch videos online or view recorded videos from the archive.

Real cost savings

The organization of video surveillance via the Internet is expensive. You will have to buy cctv or ip camera with the option of cloud storage. Such a purchase will cost you around $50. Also, you will have to pay $50 or more per year for access to the storage in the cloud.

Installing Faceter on your phone is an opportunity to avoid extra spendings by downloading cloud-based Faceter video surveillance software for free. After installing Faceter, the smartphone is ready to work. Thanks to the cloud storage, your data is protected from destruction or falling into the wrong hands.

New customers get 48 hours of free video storage. You can log into your account from anywhere in the world through a PC, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet. After logging in, the video captured during the last two days is available. You can always quickly find the right video. For example, when you need to check up on home security.

Only useful features

The following features are available with Faceter:

Use of the phone as a video camera for surveillance;
Watching camera footage online;
A quick search for the necessary video in the archive;
Save parts of the video on your smartphone, etc.


Faceter on your smartphone is an opportunity to save money by getting free cloud video surveillance. You just need a smartphone with a working camera. It should be noted that our app has even more features than an expensive modern video surveillance system.

Faceter users have access to HD recording and the archive for one week when upgrading to Premium. This option is also available free of charge until July 1, 2020.
Why spend money on expensive ip or cctv cameras, baby monitors or other equipment? With Faceter, all features are available at zero cost. Install Faceter, take advantage of its features and save money.

Are you looking for a video nanny app? Or do you need a security camera app to monitor your house or yard? Use Faceter!

Send us suggestions and share reviews. This is important because two-way communication helps us make the product even more useful and approachable.
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