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About this app:

Are you tired of feeling like you can't quit porn?

We have the solution: You need to be accountable to someone.

The American Society of Training and Development (ATSD) found that by having a committed accountability partner, your chance of success increases by 95%.

And, after surveying thousands of our customers, we found that 84-96% of pornography viewing is completely eliminated by using Ever Accountable. In fact, almost 90% of pornography usage disappears immediately when people start using this app!

And its easier than you think--you're just one ask away!

So what is Ever Accountable?

Ever Accountable is a powerful tool in the fight against pornography. The price is $9.99 per month after the 14-day free trial for our individual plan.

This app gives you the freedom to use your device how you like, while holding you accountable for the choices you make.
Choose the person or people who will receive your reports. The reports contain the websites you visit, content viewed inside many popular apps, and a breakdown of the time spent in all apps.
Reports contain a summary of all the content you view, not just the pornographic content. Our proprietary system will automatically flag content it deems to be pornographic, however the final judgement call is ALWAYS up to you and your accountability partner. Things you type and messages sent to you may also be included in the reports. We realize that you might not want certain apps to be monitored, so you can exclude them from monitoring.

"Ever accountable created a first time experience where my internet pornography problems could be brought out of the shadows of secrecy, and into the light of accountability if I was unable to make the right decision day to day. Ever Accountable eliminated those dark hiding places where I would cover this sin from others. I knew that my accountability partner would know if I had broke from the right path. With the knowledge that I could no longer keep the problem in the shadows my urge to view pornography was virtually eliminated. Thank you! Matt

Ever Accountable doesn't run your battery down, uses very little data (typically just a few megabytes per month after the initial setup) and is very hard to bypass.

"Ever Accountable has helped me eliminate all potential "loopholes" that would allow me to indulge in pornography. Other apps are simply not as thorough as EA has been. Reese

What will your story be? Start you free trial today!

The nitty gritty:

This app uses Accessibility services. It uses the BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE permission to monitor content and provide accountability on the device, which helps people who wish to avoid pornography to use their android devices and apps.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This allows us to alert your accountability partner when the app is uninstalled or disabled. This permission is used for no other purpose.
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