Evanova For Eve Online 20200701 5.0 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

Evanova is the most complete Android application for managing your Eve Online characters, corporations, fittings or other Eve Online information.

- Multiple languages support

- Up to date with Eve Online content.

- Unlimited characters and corporations support.

- Comprehensive information, including skill training, mails, contracts, industry jobs, colonies and much more.

- Fitting tool with the ability to import your in-game fittings.

- Send and receive in-game mail.

- Manage your skill plans.

- Configurable notifications for the most important events from Eve Online.

- Route planning including jump ship planning.

- Server status and latest Eve Online news.

- Supports all device sizes and adapts seamlessly to your device's display.

- Many widgets available for display on your device's desktop.

- Free of ads, registration or such obstruction to your usage: send your ISK donations in-game to "Evanova Android" if you want to show your appreciation.

Please feel free to contact evanova.mobile@gmail.com, or "Evanova Android" in-game for support and reporting issues.

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