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For a good learning of Electricity Courses, it is important to have easy access to the best Electricity Courses at any time.

This free application is a dynamic library powered by the best English educational websites specialized in Electricity Courses.

Courses on the following topics are obviously present in our application.

- Introduction to Electricity
- Static Electricity
- Current Electricity
- Magnetism
- Current, Resistance, and Potential Difference
- Electrical Components
- Conductors
- DC Circuits
- AC Circuits
- Electronics
- PDF file
- Electric Power
-The principles of generation of electrical energy
- The principles of distribution of electrical power
- The methods used for protection of electrical power systems
- Methods of Electricity Generation
- The principles of transmission, distribution and protection
- The performance of short and medium transmission lines
- The interconnected in electrical power engineerin g
- The performance of fault analysis in interconnect ed systems.
- Describe the system over voltages and insulation requirement s
- Various types of substations and substation equip ment.
- The principles of operation of protection systems and their applications
- Electric Machines
-Understand the construction, principle of operation, charact eristics and application of dc machine
- Understand the basic principles of a transformer and applica tion
- Understand the construction, principles of operation and app lication of Ac machines
- Electrical Engine ering Science
-The concept of the electric current flow.
- Simple d.c circuits.
- Know various types of energy and their inter-relationships
- Understand the concept of elect rostatics, electric charge an d capacitance of capacitor
- Electric Circuit Theory
-Understand a.c theory and apply it to the solution of simple electrical circuits
- Mesh and nodal anal ysis and their applications in solving electrical circuits problems
- Understand and apply network transformation and duality principles
- Network theorems and their applications to d.c an d a.c circuits
- The principle of power calculation in a.c circuit s.
- The basic principles involved in three-phase syst ems and their applications
- Understand and apply time domain analysis of RC, RL and RLC circuits
- The concept of magnetic coupling
- Videos
- Electron Theory
- Magnetism
- General Electricity
- Magnetism
- Use of Electromagnetism
- The Electrical Circuit
- Electrical Formulas
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