Eclass Student App 1.10.2 6.0 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

A mobile app for students to stay connected with their school, teachers, and their fellow school friends. This is also an app for students to manage their study plan and school work.

- eLearning Timetable: keep up with your study plan with ease
- eClassroom: review your learning materials and tasks
- eHomework: submit your work on time
- Timetable: access your lesson timetable
- Weekly diary and news cutting: finish your school work in a handy way
- iPortfolio: record your activities and prepare your student profile
- eEnrolment: review all your extracurricular activity records
- eLibrary plus: track your reading history and reserve your favourite books

Student-school connection:
- Push message: receive latest school notice and announcements instantly
- iMail: access your school email
- School calendar: view school calendar
- Digital Channels: browse the photos or videos shared by school
- ePOS: purchase products provided by school

* The features mentioned above are dependent on the schools subscription plans.
** Students will need to have the student login account assigned by their school before they can use this eClass Student App. Students can reconfirm their access right with teachers-in-charge of their school for any login issues.

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