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About this app:

"D*V Tester" provides a very simple way to check installed or not Root, Superuser, Busybox on your device without messing up anything.
It gives every info that one might need from a newbie user to an advanced user as well.
This application work really fast and provide accurate results.
Does not root your device, does not modify any system files, only show information.


Device Information:
Processor information
Memory information
Screen information
Camera information
Battery information
Network information
External Internet Protocol Address (Ip Address)
Mobile Operator Number
International Mobile Equipment Identity (Imei)

Root Information:
Whether su is installed
Location, Version, and Permissions of su executable
Current uid/gid

Superuser Information:
Find su binary Location, Version, and Permissions.
Check if any Superuser applications is installed.

Busybox Information:
Verify Busybox installation
Find Busybox binary Location, Version, and Permissions.

Integrated Share button (share tests results)
Work offline (without internet)
No Ads (advertisement)

The su binary is the most common binary used on Android devices to grant and manage root access.
"D*V Tester" will check and verify that the su binary is located on the device and properly functioning in granting root access.

If the Superuser management applications are installed and working properly, these applications will prompt the user to accept or deny the root access request from "D*V Tester". Accepting the request will allow to check for and confirm root access. Denying the request will result reporting no root access.

If you have any doubts like Root my device or not? Installed BusyBox on my device or not? All the questions will be answered in the application.

"D*V Tester" is the best app to Check Root in you android. It is small, fast and gets the job done. Don't bother trying other apps, this is the real deal!

Made with pure love for Android users.
I do my best to assist as many people as possible and appreciate all the support that has made this application successful! Thank you!

If you have some negative feedback, suggestions or comments, please contact us via email in application and we'll do our best to solve your issues and be better.
You can also contact us for feature requests.
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