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Dungeon of Numbers 3 - Educational Game of the Collection of the ABC Pirate whose theme is count and sequencing, 3 in 3, from numbers 3 to 45. The context is the Dungeon of Numbers, where the Titicacas - a people of stone very angry - they kept a valuable treasure. Only those who hit the sequence of numbers can reach the treasure. All the ABC PIRATE collection is available in 03 languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

The game begins with Professor Mermaid presented the context and the challenge of the game: to hit sequences of numbers to find the treasure guarded by the Titicacas.
Shortly thereafter, the Striped Pirate is shown, which will show the child the task of placing the plates with the numbers in the correct sequence, to pass through Titicaca. This game has 3 treasures to be won, with sequences of different numbers, which must be passed a few times. In order to win the first treasure, you have to sequence 3 to 3 times the numbers 3 to 15. In the second treasure, the 3 to 3 sequencing of the numbers from 18 to 30. And the conquest of the last treasure comes with the Sequencing, from 3 to 3, from numbers 33 to 45!
The goal of the game is to conquer all the treasures and help the Striped to pass through the Dungeon of Numbers without being overthrown by the Skull Pirates, who are between one and another sequencing.
When opening the application, the child can choose the desired language by clicking on one of the flags. You can change the language each time you enter the application without losing your points and your achievements.

Sequence of numbers from 3 to 3, from 3 to 45.

Objective: The games of the ABC Pirate Collection offer both education and fun with the aim of stimulating development:
A) logical and mathematical knowledge;
B) oral and written language;
C) knowledge of the world;
D) memory, curiosity and imagination.

Target Audience: Children from 04 years old.

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