Driver Card Reader 4.4 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

This application is a 33 day trial version of "Driver Card Reader PRO" application.

With this application you can read (download) digital tachograph driver card. You can share data in different ways (e-mail, WhatsApp, Google Drive, Viber, ...) or store it on your device in different formats (ddd, esm, tgd, c1b). The read time will be written back to the card and the application reminds you of the 28-day read obligations

The application analyzes the data on the driver card and shows you the irregularities in driving and rest periods. You can see a detailed list of driver activities. You can get a work time summary report (daily / weekly / monthly). We can help you plan your working / rest time.

Available languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Latvian, Estonian, Russian, Turkish.

To use this application, you need a usb card reader (e.g. ACS ACR38U-ND, ACS ACR39U-NF, Gemplus GemPC Twin, C3PO LTC31, OmniKey CardMan 3121, EZ100 PU, Biwond LD23, ...) and your device's usb connector must be OTG compliant.

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