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Dogo app is your puppys personal trainer in your pocket! Teach your dog to obey you, potty training, give you high-fives and more! The app offers 70+ fun command to teach your dog with step-by-step clear instructions, videos of good examples, fun illustrations and in-built clicker features with a variety of sound options. Track your puppy's training progress and see the improvements every day! Do you want to get personal feedback from trainers? Does your doggo think that everything is chewy and tastes good? Does your dog have barking issues? Maybe your doggo is jumping on you and not obeying your commands? Need more help with your dog training? Potty training? You can also consult our Dogo trainers directly through the app with a response rate of 24 hours - we are always here to help! Dont wait until your puppy develops a personality of a restless devil - teach him cool dog commands in the most fun and stress-free way with Dogo!

* Daily training with 70+ cool dog tricks for puppies and adults
* Train your dog in daily session tricks like potty, jump, sit, put on a leash, name, spin, twirl, stop barking, stop jumping, potty training, obedience training, high fives and more!
* Participate in weekly photo challenges
* In-built clicker - choose a sound your dog reacts the best to
* Set daily reminders - you will never miss a training!
* Customise your dogs profile
* Are you the owner of a few dogs? Thats not an issue - you can add multiple dogs to your Dogo profile
* Get feedback from dog trainers about your performance! We will help you with training from potty training to obedience training, unwanted jumping, reactiveness to other dogs, to play different games, create training, teach your doggo how to stop barking and more.

Your puppr is an active creature in need of daily exercises, but not just physical - mental stimulation too! After all, why do we call dogs our best friends? Because they have the ability to understand and communicate with us and Dogo will help you to unlock and develop their potential further! Let those tails wag! Teach Rover cool doggo commands!

Todays session
Warm up. We always start with a few known commands to get your dog focused, motivated & ready to learn something new. Training is the main event of Todays session where your dog learns how to do a new tricks or perfect and old one! Wrap up. We always finish with a few easier exercises that your dog should already know, to reward them & finish on a positive note.

Dogo challenges.

Every week we announce a new theme. Show how well trained your dog is, share some funny dog photos, vote for other puppers!

What is a clicker?

Clicker, similar to a dog whistle, is a sound signal to mark a behaviour and precise moment for which your doggo is rewarded. Science has proven that praise or a treat has to be given within 0.8 seconds after the correct behaviour. If you choose not to use a clicker and instead use a food reward for positive reinforcement, you are unlikely to always deliver the treat in less than a second and your puppy will refocus his or her attention on you and the treat and not on the behaviour he or she was performing. A clicker reduces training time by about 40%. You could use a verbal commands like Good, Yes instead clicker, but a clicker sounds like a whistle has an advantage that the sound it emits is specific and the whistle will most likely be heard only during the puppy training. Clicker training adds a dimension of clarity and precision to mark a moment your dog behaves as wanted. Use positive training methods and get inspired by Dogo what tricks to teach your dog!

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