Deepstudier 5.0 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

1. Provides answers to questions on a variety of aspects from weather forecast to history events, from celebrity anecdotes to math , physics or chemistry quiz.
2. Play audio archives such as Lincoln's Gettysburg Address or Ronald Reagan's inaugural speech on demand (need audio recording permission).
3. Help improve you spoken language, score for your speech based on your pronunciation.
4. Provides answers to how far from one address (including IP address) to another on the earth. Track the time and speed on your journey trip on your demand as shown on the demo video between 18:57 and 20:50 . Long press the map to start/stop tracking.

This app is multilingual. You can select your most preferred language. On the demo, 0-15:34 is in English, 15:35-18:55 is in Chinese, 18:55-20:55 is in English again and 20:55-the end is in French

5. There is a screen recorder to record all the app activities. Long press the first text box to start/stop recording.

android >=5.01 is required

for adroid 7.0 and above, to enable dictator, goto settings ->General->Apps ->Menu->configure apps->app permissionw->Microphone permissions->enable [deep studier]

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