Crowdblendingme - Metadata Drowning 4.1 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

The CrowdBlendingMe app attempts to address the challenge of privacy around web communications and services and is based around a concept of "Metadata Overcrowding" which ensures the actual metadata for real transactions are largely diluted with fake but just as realistic metadata.

The CrowdBlendingMe app basically runs in the background and makes use of a small part the device "Unused Time" and "Unused WiFi" to make typical requests such as Queries in Search sites, posts and removals of fake purchases on electronic stores and visits to numerous social sites across all demographics such as gender / age / race / religion / political views / professional, social and cultural positions & interests.

Note: When the CrowdBlendingMe app opens, don't forget to follow the links at the bottom (Ads) to make sure they get even more confused, no need to buy or pay anything to confuse them!

SoftDev Consulting Pty Ltd Website (CrowdBlendingMe): CrowdBlendingMe

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