Conso Rc 4.0.3 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

Calculate easily how many time you can run with your nitro engine and one fuel tank thanks to Conso Rc !

It's a great tools for races, it allows you to secure your place and to focus on your driving skills

Using Conso Rc = Less stress for mechanician and pilot = Better results ;-)

How works Conso Rc?

First you have to indicate : -The time that you ran
-The quantity of fuel remaining in the fuel tank (cm3=mL)
-The fuel tank capacity

And then the application automatically display you how many time you can run with a fuel tank without refueling*

Important : We suggest you to use it pretty every day of races, because the fuel consumption varies with many parameters ( Weather, humidity, tempareture, tracks lay-out, grip, engine settings, engine wear, fuel...)

This is why we developed Conso Rc

Thanks for downloading, hope you enjoy this app ! And good runs !

PS : If you like the app please rate it, it will help us for our other projects. As well bugs' repports are welcome ;-)

* Attention indicated time depends on the accuracy of your measurements, and no margin is taken. So you need to refuel before the time indicate;-)

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