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About this app:

Chemical Elements is an app that is dedicated to Chemistry and Physics enthusiasts who would like to improve their knowledge about chemical elements. It comes with a bag full of features to help you master become a Chemistry pro.

* THE PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS. Once you tap on any element's symbol, the app displays almost every piece of information that is known about the element. Indeed, Chemical Elements is the perfect tool for you - a Chemistry and Physics learner.

* THE SOLUBILITY TABLE. A comprehensive table containing the solubility of compounds. In order to find out the solubility of a salt in water, find the anion's row and the cation's column. It's solubility is the intersecton between the two.

This app can be used by Chemistry/Physics learners as well as teachers. The information is arranged in 3 groups:
* GENERAL INFORMATION - Here, you access the most common characteristics of an element, from the year it was discovered to its electrical type to its abundances, etc.
* ADVANCED INFORMATION - In the "Advanced" group, you view the advanced details of the chemical element, e.g. fusion heat, molar volume, and thermal expansion.
* ISOTOPES - Most elements have isotopes. Chemical Elements shows ALL isotopes of each element. Tap on any element in the Periodic Table, then tap on the "Isotopes" tab.

* WIKIPEDIA LINKS - In addition to the above information, Chemical Elements comes with a "direct link" to a Wikipedia article of any element for further research. Just tap on the Wikipedia icon at the top of the Element Details screen.

* SEARCH ENGINE - Chemical Elements comes with a powerful "Search" feature to enable you to find any element quickly and with more flexibility: you can search by element name or symbol.

* ALL ELEMENTS LIST - Chemical Elements also shows chemical elements arranged alphabetically in a list that helps you to locate an element by its name faster. You can filter the list based on the element's name or symbol.
* ALL ISOTOPES LIST - There is also a comprehensive Isotopes list containing over 3000 isotopes from all chemical elements. This list, too, comes with a filtering feature through which you can filter isotopes by name or symbol.
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