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Most of the "proper" crosswords (you know, the hard ones) are still written by people - you can tell from the clues - but a lot of the "cryptic" or "quick" ones aren't: they're built by programs which then select one of the meanings from a dictionary, and use that as a clue.

It works well enough, except that occasionally they'll select an obsolete or obscure meaning, and you can rack your brains for hours when faced with _e_s__u__, with only the clue "to afflict" to help you.

Obviously, using an app to find the answer would be cheating (hence the name) but if they're going to use computers, you can too; so that's what Cheetah was written to do: help you solve crosswords.

Actually, if I'm honest, it was written to help me solve crosswords, on my old PC almost ten years ago; and I find it so useful it's been faithfully copied from machine to machine as I upgraded them. Naturally, it was one of the first things I wrote as an app.

It's persecute by the way, and Cheetah searched 32263 words to find it for me (it only searches words of the correct length, it actually has 233,612 words in its full vocabulary. This includes all the "bad" ones, which is why it has the rating it has. Sorry about that).

This has no ads; and it'll also do anagrams!

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