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NE_TO_AZI_DIST V.1.0 software program (01) was used to calculate the distance. (Distance) and angles (Azimuth) coordinates input from N1, E1, and enter the destination coordinates RUN-N, E, press the calculate button.

Program (02) is used to calculate the coordinates of the point coordinates N1, E1, and enter the angle (Azimuth) and enter the distance (Distance) is calculated to be hitting the target coordinates N2, E2.

Program (03) is used to calculate the SquareRoot input side (A) and (B) the press will. (C) applies only to the survey (survey) survey, Job pins, construction, road work, needle ... more.

This program is made up of experienced real work of the application developer has tested the calculator calculates fx5800p then .. the developer hopes that this program would be helpful and facilitate the use of you, more or less.

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