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How high is your IQ? Is your brain big enough? Solve all tricky questions and see if you're smarter than your friends!

Brain Crack is the #1 IQ Puzzle Game with a series of tricky brain teasers. Think outside the box and break common sense! Train your logic, memory, intelligence, imagination, problem-solving skills, and creativity now!

Brain Crack Features:
- Imaginative gameplay and mind-blowing teasers to trick you all
- Unexpected game answers to the tricky quizzes and riddles
- Hundreds & thousands of questions & answers, and more added across multiple topics
- Learn something new while having fun
- Make your mother proud
- Apply real-life logic to beat the challenges.
- Focus on the details and boost your brain power
- Think creatively outside and inside the box
- Play Brain Crack anywhere, anytime and without WIFI

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