Bpos Cloud Pos System 63 4.2 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

BPOS is a cutting-edge and full-featured mobile point of sale system integrated with cloud services from JabezPOS.com(1). BPOS runs seamlessly on any Android tablets. Therefore, traditional pos hardware and Apple-related device are not the ONLY solutions for your daily pos transactions. BPOS on Android is a cost-effective and yet the stat-of-the-art pos alternative that will meet your needs in retail or restaurant business.

*Offline availability. Your sales associates can continue to
ring up customers even though the network or internet is
*Apply to multiple types of business including retail store,
boutique shop, and restaurant.
*Support remote printing through system integration with
*Easily upgrade from a single independent store to multi-
location chain stores simply through adding more POS
accounts from JabezPOS.com.
*Complete cloud back-office management modules.
*Access business information or transactional data from
anytime, anywhere.

(1)JabezPOS.com provides cloud POS system services including
purchasing management, inventory control, bookkeeping
management, sales analysis, promotions, membership
management and other back-office modules. Visit the
website at http://www.JabezPOS.com.
(2)iCS stands for ICashSwitch. It can easily connect and
control receipt printer, scanner and other POS
peripherals. If you are interested in iCS, please check
our website at http://www.JabezPOS.com for details.


1.Tax ID: If customers tax ID is needed for tax purposes,
entered tax ID will be displayed at transaction message
2.[X]Multiplication key: If a customer is buying multiple
quantity for an item, to expedite the checkout, just press
number of quantity, [X], and the item.
3.Delete Order: Lump sum cancelation of a customers order.
4.NS: Add remarks with numerical data such as coupon code or
clients tel no.
5.Product search: Allow keyword search by item no. or item
name. Matched items will be displayed on product listing
6.Discount in percentage(Disc %): Assign a discount
percentage to an item by entering number of percentage and
pressing Disc. % button. Discount percentage will be
displayed under the item.
7.Discount in dollars(Disc $): Assign a discount in dollar
amount to an item by entering number of dollar amount and
pressing Disc. $ button. Discount dollars will be
displayed under the item.
8.Returns/Exchanges: Transactions with negative amount will
be displayed once items are returned or exchanged.
9.Sales Associate: Select sales associate and his/her
information will be displayed on transaction message area.
10.Price search: You can search the price of an item by
entering item name, and then bring the item for checkout.
11.Open Price: Replace current sales price with a new price
for an item at checkout.
12.Gifts: Sales price will be shown zero once this function
is used.
13.Log off: If a cashier has to temporarily leave the
cashier counter, he/she can log off the system and log in
again to continue cashier operations.
14.Department shortcut: You can setup department shortcut at
JabezPOS.com back-office. Department-related items will
be displayed once you press on the shortcut. If items are
displayed on more than one page, you can slide to turn

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