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This game is a very effective brain and finger exercise game. It does not have brain puzzles, so it is an easy game for kids and adults. You just have to tap the right color and watch it bump with the big middle color. It is an endless game, so you can keep brain training as long as you want. This is excellent to train your brain.
It has a unique concept, that sets it apart from most thinking games. The time bar will slowly deplete, and you will not have enough time to score high if you don't tap and match colors fast. This makes it a challenging game. It is also a perfect reflex test app.
You can maintain your brain health by playing this game regularly. You can play this brain trainer anywhere, even when you are on your bed. It will also test your memory!
Your brain requires a good challenge from time to time, otherwise, it will not function well. One of the best features of this game is that you will get better the more your play it. It is not really a skill game, but you will have to get used to how it works. It will be a real challenge to score more than 100! It isn't exactly the easiest games on the store.
You can also use this brain workout app to maintain your brain reflexes. You should play it at least every second day, to improve your motor skills and cognitive ability. Since the background is dark, you will be able to switch colors and bump to play it.
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