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About this app:

AXEL Go is an online storage and file-sharing platform with industry-leading security and privacy features. Its the perfect solution to store files securely or transfer confidential documents to colleagues, clients, friends, or family. It has an innovative, diverse feature set that separates it from the competition.

AXEL Go features

Secure Fetch. Say Hello to your new digital courier. Secure Fetch allows AXEL Go users to request documents from anyone and utilize the secure AXEL Network to handle the transaction. You send the recipient a secure link that serves as an open container. They upload the necessary documents, and you receive a notification theyre ready to download. Anyone can benefit from using the AXEL Network, and the recipient isnt forced to download new software or sign up for an AXEL account. It allows users to integrate the platform into their typical online routines without hassle.

Private Share. Youll never have to worry about shared links floating around the internet again. With Private Share, you input the recipients email address, then only they can open the link and view its contents. Its the peace of mind you need when sending sensitive information.

Military-grade Encryption. Premium users have the option to encrypt both their stored and shared files using the AES 256-Bit algorithm that the United States government uses to secure Top Secret information. Basic accounts can utilize this encryption for their shares but not their cloud storage.

Decentralization. The AXEL Network operates on a decentralized, distributed network with scattered servers that prevents hackers from targeting a centralized server hub. This reduces the attack surface drastically and improves overall network performance.

Digital Shredding. Every file sent via AXEL Go is split up or shredded before being distributed to the decentralized server nodes. This means that even if malicious agents compromise a single node or small group, the entire file isnt at risk. Only the sender and recipient have access to the complete file.

Building solutions and bringing awareness to data custody

AXELs commitment to security and privacy extends beyond AXEL Gos unique features. Our corporate philosophy centers around the concept of data custody. We want our users to maintain complete control over their content and personal information. Unlike our competitors in the file-sharing space, we never mine uploaded content or sell any user data to third parties. All data we do collect is anonymized and cannot be linked to your identity. We value your right to privacy.


You can download and use AXEL Go right now for free. All new users receive a 14-day trial of our Premium service. After the trial period ends, you may move forward with a Premium account for only $9.99/month or continue with a free Basic account. Premium members receive the following upgrades over the Basic service:

10GB of online storage (Basic: 2GB)
No maximum filesize for shares (Basic: 20MB maximum)
Option for encrypted storage
Two-Factor Authentication

Organizations can purchase a Business plan that includes

5 Premium accounts with the ability to add more at discounted prices
An additional 100GB of shared group storage

Business accounts start at $59.99/month. You can purchase additional Premium seats for $4.99/month each.

Whether youre a privacy-focused individual or an organization that handles sensitive documents regularly, AXEL Go provides a clear solution to your needs.
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