Arcade Storm Emulator 1.23

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About this app:

Requires a Finalburn Alpha rom set in zip format, accessible on your device or external memory card, no roms are provided. Most Mame sets are compatible but 7z files are currently not supported.

Arcade Storm is the first of it's kind. Full, super low latency, multiplayer arcade emulation. Using the latest in rollback networking technology to ensure the lowest latency possible, whether hosting a multiplayer game or simply spectating.

Online 4 player Bomberman? Challenge someone during a Street Fighter playthrough? Arrange to meet up with a friend to mash through Final Fight? All possible with a few clicks.

Not looking for online play? Offline is fully supported and will send no data to our servers.

We support over ~1500 roms via a fully graphical rom browser. Pads and joysticks fully supported in game, we've tested a wide variety of bluetooth and usb controllers.

Our current servers are located in London, San Francisco and New York.

Have fun and fire any feedback to -
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1.23 3.1122-
5.1 and upDecember 17, 201910,000+Dinosaur Planet
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