Apk Getter - Extractor 2.7.15 5.0 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

Apk Getter - Extractor is fast and easy to extract apk file and archived into device or sd card.

Note: We are not archive the data of any application. We are only archiving apk file of applications.

Apk Getter - Extractor #1 application in category.
Apk Getter - Extractor is simple, fast, and easy to use.
Extract most of the applications, including system applications.
You can launch, extract, install & uninstall on tap of
You can also extract multiple applications at once.
Change extract path easily to device or sd card.
Check your archived applications with options.
Apk Getter - Extractor does not require root access.
Share archived applications with your friends.
You can sort by name, sort by installed date, sort by updated date
of application.
You can filter by installed applications, filter by in-built application
and both applications.
Dark mode give available for a better user experience.
Archived apk(application) format will be 'AppName_version.apk.
By default, the file will be saved in "ApkGetter" folder in the internal storage of the device.
Compatible with the latest version of Android 11.0.

Storage: These permission are used to store your application files in internal or external storage.

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