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Anton and the Licorice Mystery is an interactive picture book about dementia.
Its written for you, whether youre about to be in school or are in school but just starting out. You can have fun reading it with your parents or grandparents.
You may ask, Why should I read about dementia? Well, its because Dementia is a disease that many people already have or are at risk of getting. Theres a good chance you already know someone with dementia or know someone who has it in their family.
>But what is dementia? Is there anything you can do?

Anton and the Licorice Mystery will help open the door to the world of dementia. It may inspire you to become curious and even a little wiser about this important subject. The book can be the springboard for a good talk with your family about what you think dementia is, how to tell if someone has it and what can be done to help.

Is there anything you can do to help prevent getting dementia? Fortunately, the answer is yes. You can look after yourself by:
- Challenging and actively using your brain throughout your life.
- Living a healthy lifestyle.
- Being socially active, engaging with others.
These activities are all good for the mind and will reduce the risk of dementia.

You may want to go out right now and tell everyone you know about dementia! But read the story of Anton and the Licorice Mystery first. The book is a great first step, but you may have more questions than answers. Sit down and talk to your parents or grandparents about it. Theyll be glad you did!
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