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About this app:

Get to learn more about the human bodys anatomy and physiology in this
app developed with all the features that you need
Together, anatomy and physiology explain the structure and function of the different components of the human body to describe what it is and how it works.
In this app you will learn new facts and test your knowledge of anatomy, physiology, body systems, organs, etc.
This App contains the following
1Introduction into Anatomy and Physiology
2Human body
3Integumentary System
4Musculoskeletal System
5Nervous System
6Endocrine System
7Cardiovascular System
8Lymphatic System
9Immune system
10Respiratory System
11Gastro Intestina System
12Urinary System
13Fluid and Electrolytes
14Reproductive system
15Fertilization and Pregnancy
16Essential Final Exam Review
17Test Bank 1
18Test Bank 2
19Test Bank 3
20Test Bank 4
21Test Bank 5
22Test Bank 6

App features:
- Select your favorite flashcards and study notes and Flag for review the most difficult.
- Listen to the flashcards while you are ridding, jogging or driving.
- Add your own study notes and cards and save them in the app.
- Edit, update or replace any flashcard you deem necessary.
- Add your comment to any flashcard keep seeing them with.
- This app allows you to sort the flashcards by favorite, flagged for review, own flashcards, wrong responded quizzes, non-studied flashcards.
- Search and sort by topic or keyword the existing flashcards.
- Get back to your last study session, exactly to the last flashcard studied including the study mode.
- Enjoy five study Modes (learning mode, handout mode, test mode, slideshow mode and random mode).
- Get the most advanced data analytics features that analyses your study session by study mode, scores, time spentetc.
- Get the most Update Graphics (pie charts, bar charts, line charts) and all the statistics about your studies.
- Share the content of this app with your colleagues.
- Exam taking practical tips and tricks that will help you succeed your exam and get outstanding scores.

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