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About this app:

Mushroom hunting is very fun. Mushroom identification is very hard. AI Mushroom Hunter & Identifier will give you a boost in figuring out what mycological wonder youve stumbled upon.

All you need to do is hold your camera a foot or two from the mushroom youve found (or load an image from your phone's memory) and the highly trained Artificial Intelligence will tell you what mushroom it thinks youve found as well as its confidence in that guess. The app will also offer links to detailed information about the mushroom it thinks you found.

Once you've found a mushroom, the app lets you store it in your own personal mushroom archive. It will save the photo as well as the date and GPS coordinates from when and where you found it. That way you can keep track of what you've found over the year and check the same spot the same time next year.

This app is just for fun and edification. NEVER use the app if you plan on consuming the mushroom. Always consult a trained mycologist to confirm your own or the app's mushroom identifications.

Also keep in mind this app will do best identifying mushrooms in North America --- since those are the mushrooms that the AI was trained on.
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