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About this app:

About this App

ADC News is a mobile app with News content. ADC News is a multi-language and multi-location news aggregator, which gets news content from original newsmakers. ADC also appoints its own news reporters to get the news from all across the world. ADC News runs on a paid subscription model and runs its business.

ADC News

ADC News is located at Ajman Free Zone, UAE. ADC news is a Global Initiative for providing News content to subscribers across the Globe. ADC News has adopted a unique marketing strategy to increase its subscriber base. ADC News is appointing country-wise franchisees to develop that country business.

In the present age, digital channels with entertainment content, sports content, music content, news content are available. Few are free and few are paid. Popular digital channels like Amazon Prime, Hot Star, Netflix, Yupp TV, Zee5, Spotify, etc are Global players offering paid subscriptions to its subscribers. ADC News is also a paid subscription mobile channel with News content.

ADC News marketing strategy has a feature to reward bonus to its loyal subscribers on a daily basis, subject to the completion of an online task. ADC News subscription cost is 4$ per annum. With this ADC becomes the most economical Digital Channel when compared to others. ADC is the only digital channel, which rewards its subscribers for loyalty.

What is Task on ADC Channel? ADC will be giving suggestions of 3rd party Applications, who offer Gifts, Offers, and Discounts to the registered users under its affiliate programs. ADC also directs its subscribers to participate in online polls, market research, product surveys, ICRF support for social service, etc. Every task will generate some benefit to the subscriber and to ADC News. The Task button will appear between the news stories on the app. Multiple tasks are provided, based on the promoter package type.

Subscriber Benefits: Every paid subscriber will be given a loyalty bonus of 0.033 $ on completion of Tasks. If the subscriber is loyal for 30 days, the loyalty bonus adds up to 1$ per cycle of 30 Tasks. If the subscriber is loyal for 365 days, then, the subscriber will get a bonus up to 12$, out of which, ADC news deducts 4$ towards next year's subscription renewal. Balance 8$, the subscriber can encash.

ADC is also appointing promoters, who can buy the subscriber codes in Bulk. Promoters are nothing but, whole sellers. Promoters have to buy subscription codes in bulk at wholesale price and sell them at retail price. The wholesale price of each subscription code will be 1$. But, the promoters will do a bulk purchase of subscription codes, where 20, 40, 80, 160, 320 and 640 codes are offered as a package. These packages are called as BP1, BP2, BP3, BP4, BP5, and BP6.

Promoters can make a profit of 300% if they can sell all their subscriber codes. ADC News will assist all the promoters to sell their subscription code stocks. Promoters are also offered attractive products like FMCG, health, cosmetics, Garments, books, and stationers, etc at wholesale rates to bundle with subscription codes. Promoters can easily sell subscription codes if they bundle them with attractive products. People will feel that they are getting value for their money and customer satisfaction is assured.
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