Acoustics Concepts Course 374k

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About this app:

In this course, trainer Joe Albano explains how sound interacts and is modified by the listening environment. Learn the powerful influence of acoustics on our perception and the propagation of sound.

In this course, you learn all about the wavelength, absorption, reflection, transmission of sound in the real world. You also learn all about phase, polarity and interference and how these physical properties determine why sound "sounds" the way it does!

App Features:

66 minutes of video training
Super clear explanations
Offline Playback (no internet connection needed)
Easy to navigate

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Acoustics: Wavelength
2. The Inverse Square Law: Audibility of Level Differences
3. Sound Waves: Absorption, Transmission, Reflection
4. Reflection & Phase Interference: Phase vs Polarity
5. Comb Filtering
6. The Haas Effect
7. Standing Waves (Room Modes)
8. Standing Waves
9. Mid/High-Frequency Reflections
10. The Sweet Spot; Near-Field Monitoring
11. Soundproofing a Floating Room
12. Constructing a Soundproof Studio
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