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About this app:

ACelery is a complete environment that allows you to create your own Android mobile App using Javascript, Bootstrap and SQL. aCelery includes the xScript framework which simplifies writing great looking applications. It also has a clever interface to the Android system which allows you to use SQL databases, manage files, connect to servers on the Internet etc.

aCelery includes a full IDE so you can write your apps directly on your phone or tablet!

aCelery is a full server, so you can share your aCelery apps running on your mobile device with other computers in your network. Select the 'Get my IP' option in the aCelery app menu to find your IP address and just point a browser to it!

The included xScript framework encapsulates many Bootstrap components, and lets you create great looking apps with just a few lines of Javascript code. Easily add navigation bars, dropdown menus, buttons, input fields, panels, tabs etc. Check the full xScript documentation on our website:

Use our xScript CRUD (create, read, update and delete) framework to create SQL database apps with just a few lines of Javascript code. Manage SQL databases with the included Database Manager.
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