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About this app:

Harmonographs have entranced humans since the beginning of interest in such things. As children we played with spirographs, and loved their beautiful formations. Have you ever wished you could see these creations in 3 Dimensions? We did. Which is why we made you this beautiful live wallpaper.

this is a harmonograph with 3 pendulums:


Here are some examples of the images you can create by saving the picture with the widget:

email us your pictures to be added to the set, to tweet them with the hashtag #mentalpad and we will add them :)


In this application, please find one live wallpaper consisting of 4 simulated pendulums. With this package you may alter the frequencies and damping of the pendulums to suit your visual aesthetic. You may also alter the colors and rotation, as well as framerate, draw speed and density. We provide some pleasing templates to get you started on your own creations. You have the ability to rotate the drawings with your fingers and see them from all angles, in beautiful 3D, as they draw out hypnotically.

At times you may like to set the draw speed and rotation to high levels. At other times, you may want them to be low. Sometimes you might mix them to see what is created. On install they will be set to low, but please feel welcome to alter the values.

Please consider adding the control widget, which has been provided, to your homescreen. With this small, unobtrusive control, you may save screenshots of the current drawing and send them to your friends and loved ones, and the developers of this application please. You may also skip to the next drawing if you are impatient.

We hope you enjoy your new 4 pendulum 3D harmonograph and return soon to see our future creations.

be excellent to eachother.

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