360 Degree Image Rotator For Multiple Images 12.8 7.0 and up Apk Free Download Updated Version

Image Rotator is a powerful batch image rotation/flipping/compressing tool. You can use single or multiple photo selection for a single or multiple photo processing, including 360 degree free rotation, bulk image compression, flipping etc.

- 360 degree turning WITHOUT cutting the image. Rotation by degree, will not modify your image unless you choose to do so.
- Single or batch rotation/conversion/ and bulk compression, select source folder and target folder.
- Mirror flip for multiple images. Correct crooked photos in bulk.
- Bulk conversion of JPG to PNG and vice versa.
- Mirror flip available.
- 360 degree Image Rotator has in-app instructions making the use possible for everyone.

360 degree image rotator is a fast and easy way to rotate, convert, crop or compress multiple images. While image rotator is performing the work, you can bring it to background and do something else while the bulk rotation/conversion/compression finishes. You can apply a flip, PNG conversion and rotation to even hundreds of pictures at once. Also functions great as a bulk image compressor, compressing your images fast and with minimum quality loss.

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