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About this app:

321 - The sneaky app with a name that will not look suspicious on your phone!

When you send someone a text message, you can hide another completely invisible secret message inside that can only be seen when your partner pastes the message into 321!

What makes this app different?

- Works with WhatsApp, Viber and most other messaging apps.
- Works with Android and iPhone.
- Depending on carrier and country usually works with standard text messages.
- You choose the message that shows on the screen and the secret message.
- Works with ALL languages even Emoji!
- Easy to use.

Simple To Send a Message:
1. Enter the message you want everyone to see.
2. Enter the secret invisible message that only your partner will see
3. Tap "Copy.
4. Paste into a compatible app (such as WhatsApp, Viber, etc) and send to your partner

Simple To View a Message:
1. Copy a message that was sent using 321 from almost any messaging app (such as WhatsApp, Viber, etc).
2. The secret message from you partner will automatically appear when you open 321.

Dont wait! Send an invisible message now! When your partner downloads 321 they will be able see the secret message!

Remember: the message is COMPLETELY invisible so your secret message could go unnoticed if your partner doesn't know that you sent a secret message hidden in the visible message. Therefore, you may want to develop a special signal to let your partner know that they should copy the message into 321 to see the secret you are sending them. For instance, you may want to end your text with two periods or put a space at the beginning of your text to give your friend/lover/partner/whatever a clue that you are sending a secret.

Have fun!
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